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In 2022-23, over 4,700 Canadian artists, over 560 groups and over 2,180 arts organizations received Canada Council grants.

Our grants

Canada Council grants are organized into six programs.

Explore and Create

Explore and Create funds Canadian artists, artistic groups and organizations committed to the creation and dissemination of innovative, vibrant and diverse art. Learn more

Engage and Sustain

Engage and Sustain fosters a vibrant foundation for the arts in Canada by supporting arts organizations at the heart of Canada’s creative communities. Learn more

Creating, Knowing and Sharing: The Arts and Cultures of First Nations, Inuit and Métis Peoples

This program supports Indigenous individuals, groups, Indigenous-led arts organizations and arts/cultural sector development organizations that foster a vital and resilient Indigenous arts ecosystem. Learn more

Supporting Artistic Practice

Supporting Artistic Practice encourages a dynamic support system for the arts in Canada by funding Canadian arts professionals, groups, and arts organizations who champion the Canadian arts sector, boost the capacity for artists to realize work and advance the conditions of creation. Learn more

Arts Across Canada

Arts Across Canada fosters meaningful relationships and exchanges between artists and the Canadian public. Artists, arts professionals, groups and arts organizations can apply to present and share artistic work with diverse communities across the country, engage more deeply with the public and develop a stronger national profile. Learn more

Arts Abroad

Arts Abroad celebrates the creativity, innovation and excellence of Canadian artists by helping to bring Canadian works to the world. Learn more

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Create an account and submit one or more profile(s) for validation at least 30 days before you want to apply

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Prepare your arts and cultural CV

Practical advice to help artists and arts workers prepare a new CV or adapt an existing one.

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Acknowledging Support from the Canada Council

Funding recipients must acknowledge the Canada Council's support, in all their printed and promotional materials, for the works and activities which receive our financial support.


Apply through our portal


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Register your account on the portal.

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Validation takes up to 30 days so do this well before your grant application deadline.


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Once your profile is validated you can apply for grants.

Self-Nominate as a Peer Assessor

Peer assessment is the basis for the majority of the Canada Council’s arts funding decisions.

The Canada Council maintains an active registry of potential peer assessors that is used to assemble assessment committees.

Now you can submit your name to be added to this list when you register your account on the portal.

Composite Grants: a new approach to project funding

Composite grants provide support for several projects taking place over 1 to 3 years. Instead of submitting a number of separate project applications, individuals, groups and organizations can combine their activities into a composite proposal. Organizations may also find this to be a more flexible and less onerous alternative to core grants. Applicants will need to have a history of receiving project grants from the Canada Council before they are eligible to apply for a composite grant.

Composite grants are available in the following components: