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National Arts Service Organizations

Supporting Artistic Practice

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Create an account and submit one or more profile(s) for validation at least 30 days before you want to apply

The National Arts Service Organizations component of Supporting Artistic Practice funds Canadian arts service organizations with mandates to promote and support the arts on a national level. Grants assist service organizations committed to developing and sustaining the vitality of the Canadian professional arts sector through representation, promotion and exchange.

Please see guidelines for details and the translation deadline date.

Activities - what you can apply for

You can apply for a contribution towards member services and other activities that strengthen the vitality of the professional arts sector on a national basis. In particular, to:

  • encourage dialogue, networking and shared learning
  • initiate research and analysis
  • represent and promote the arts to the public
  • provide ongoing services and opportunities for artists and/or arts organizations

You can’t apply for activities that receive funding from another Canada Council program or those on the general list of ineligible activities.

Who can apply

Types of potential applicants to this component include:

  • national arts service organizations

Your eligibility to apply to this component is determined by the validated profile created in the portal and a conversation you have had with a Program Officer.

To be eligible, your organization must:

  • presently receive core (operating) support through one of the following Canada Council programs:
    • Support Services to the Dance Milieu: Multi-Year and Annual Grants
    • Grants to Media Arts Organizations: Multi-Year
    • Professional Music Organizations Program: Annual and Multi-Year Grants
    • Theatre - Multi-Year Grants to Professional Organizations
    • Grants to National Visual Arts Service Organizations
    • Grants for Literary Arts Promotion: Multi-Year Assistance for National Arts Service Organizations
  • have received at least 3 Canada Council project grants in the last 5 years. This excludes grants from Leadership for Change: Grants for Organizational Development, Flying Squad, Visiting Foreign Artists, and travel programs.
  • be an incorporated not-for-profit arts organization
  • work with a professional staff
  • have at least 5 years of continuous activities and services that support professional arts practice
  • have had total revenues exceeding $75 000 in each of the last 3 years (some exceptions may be considered)