1. Priorities

2021-26 Strategic Plan:
Art, now more than ever


Our 2021-26 Strategic Plan—Art, now more than ever—is made up of three directions that are guiding our efforts and investments. The Plan supports a rebuild of the arts sector on a more inclusive, equitable, resilient, and sustainable foundation and maximizes the sector’s impact on Canadian society over the next five years.

We have begun to map out how we will realize the directions of our Strategic Plan through a series of actions. As of fall 2021, the following actions are underway or being developed. These include key initiatives that will define our own evolution.

As the implementation of our Strategic Plan progresses over the next five years, we will refine our actions and initiatives and add new ones.

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Latest updates

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New funding for innovation

Change-makers with bold ideas about how to rebuild an arts sector that is resilient, sustainable, inclusive, and equitable can now apply. Take the next step by learning more about our funding opportunities.

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Community Conversations

Simon Brault, former Director and CEO of the Canada Council for the Arts, proposes an open discussion on the implementation of the 2021–26 strategic plan to rebuild the arts.

Fall 2021 Community Conversations

Engage with the Canada Council to learn more about our plans to implement the Council’s 2021-26 Strategic Plan