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Acknowledge the Canada Council for the Arts’ support and communicate the public value of the arts

If you’ve received a Canada Council for the Arts’ grant, we want you to share the news. An acknowledgement of our support is a testament to the calibre of your work. It also helps us demonstrate the public value of the arts and arts funding.

Message requests and ad space offers

If you received a Council grant and want to mention it in your promotional material with a message, an ad or a banner, you can send a request with all the relevant details (number of words, language, deadline, technical or other information) to brand@canadacouncil.ca.

Visual brand guidelines

Our brand is more than a logo. It’s an experience and a personality that communicates the essence of our values. The brand personality attributes of the Canada Council for the Arts' are open, vibrant and connected.

Our guidelines are a resource that everyone can use to understand how to represent and apply the Canada Council’s brand elements a consistent manner.

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Canada Council for the Arts Logo

The Canada Council for the Arts’ logo

For our various communities and stakeholders, our logo is the most visible representation of the organization, our people and our brand.

We use it across all our communications. It is a valuable corporate asset that must be used consistently in the proper, approved forms.

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