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Organizations Receiving a Core Grant

Details about your core grant and a summary of reporting requirements.

Renewing your core grant

If your organization is already receiving a core grant, you’ll need to renew your funding by submitting a new application through your Canada Council portal account after each funding cycle.

Reports you need to submit

As outlined in the terms and agreements of your core grant letter, you need to submit two reports every year through the Canada Council portal.

  1. Annual update report. Submission of this report at the start of your fiscal year will set in motion the process of your grant being paid out to you. Your report should include an overview of the governance, operations and planning for your upcoming fiscal year; a summary of your recently completed year; and the report form, appendices and updated projections in your CADAC account.
  2. Year-end report. This report, consisting of the report form, statistical information and the financial statements uploaded in your CADAC account, must be submitted within six months after the end of your fiscal year.

The type of financial statement you need to submit depends on your grant amount. You must file:

  • an audited financial statement if your grant is $250,000 or more;
  • a review engagement if your grant ranges from $50,001 to $249,999; or
  • an internal financial statement if your grant is $50,000 or less.

Literary publishers can update their financial summaries and upload financial statements through the portal.

For more information about what you need to submit for your core grant, see the “results package” in your portal account.

Receiving your payments

Once your annual update report is received and approved by the Council, your annual payment will be released. If the start of your fiscal year is between January and March, you may request your annual payment at the start of your fiscal year. However, the Council will only issue payments at the start of its fiscal year, in April.

Project grants

Organizations receiving core grants may also be eligible for project grants:

Creating, Knowing and Sharing: Travel | Short-Term Projects

Supporting Artistic Practice: Sector Innovation and Development

Arts Across Canada: Travel | Representation and Promotion | Translation Grants for Arts Across Canada | Circulation and Touring | Foreign Artist Tours | Public Outreach 

Arts Abroad: Travel | Representation and Promotion | Translation Grants for Arts Abroad | Circulation and Touring | Residencies | Co-productions

Strategic Funds: Strategic Innovation Fund

For Deaf and Disability Arts organizations: Access Support Funds


For any questions, please contact us at coregrants@canadacouncil.ca or 1-800-263-5588.