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Directors and Heads

The Canada Council’s directors and heads ensure the Council’s day-to-day operations run smoothly with support from their various teams.

Under their leadership, the Council’s teams work to carry out the Council’s mandate to “foster and promote the study and enjoyment of, and the production of works in, the arts.”

Portrait of Régine Cadet

Régine Cadet

Director, Explore and Create Program
Contact Régine Cadet
Portrait of Marilyn Desrosiers

Marilyn Desrosiers

Director, Supporting Artistic Practice Program
Contact Marilyn Desrosiers
Portrait of Felipe Diaz

Felipe Diaz

Director, Granting Program Operations
Contact Felipe Diaz
Portrait of Aimé Dontigny

Aimé Dontigny

Director, Engage and Sustain Program and Core Client Stakeholder Relations
Contact Aimé Dontigny
Portrait of Leah Eronat

Leah Eronat

Director, Finance
Contact Leah Eronat
Portrait of Martine Flibotte

Martine Flibotte

Director, Human Resources and Organizational Development
Contact Martine Flibotte
Portrait of Thien Thong Huynh

Thien Thong Huynh

Project Director, Corporate Technology Solutions
Contact Thien Thong Huynh
Portrait of Odile Joannette

Odile Joannette

Director, Creating, Knowing and Sharing: The Arts and Cultures of First Nations, Inuit and Métis Peoples Program
Contact Odile Joannette
Portrait of Maude Laflamme

Maude Laflamme

Director, Arts Across Canada and Arts Abroad Programs
Contact Maude Laflamme
Portrait of Ken Leblanc

Ken Leblanc

Acting Director, Corporate Technology Solutions
Contact Ken Leblanc
Portrait of Caroline Lussier

Caroline Lussier

Director, Arts Promotion
Contact Caroline Lussier
Portrait of Nichole McGill

Nichole McGill

Director, Communications
Contact Nichole McGill
Portrait of David Schimpky

David Schimpky

Director of Secretariat, Canadian Commission for UNESCO
Contact David Schimpky
Portrait of Michèle Stanley

Michèle Stanley

Acting Director, Core Grants
Contact Michèle Stanley
Portrait of Qi Wang

Qi Wang

Director, Strategic Policy and Planning
Contact Qi Wang
Portrait of Gabriel Zamfir-Enache

Gabriel Zamfir-Enache

Director, Research, Measurement and Data Analytics
Contact Gabriel Zamfir-Enache
Portrait of Craig Holzschuh

Craig Holzschuh

Senior Strategic Advisor, Stakeholder Relations
Contact Craig Holzschuh
Portrait of Amy Jenkins

Amy Jenkins

Head, Art Bank
Contact Amy Jenkins
Portrait of Marion Vitrac

Marion Vitrac

Head, International Coordination, Cultural Diplomacy and Partnerships
Contact Marion Vitrac

Photos: Christian Lalonde