Canada Council for the Arts’ Core Organizational Values

October 27, 2022

With a mandate to "foster and promote the study and enjoyment of, and the production of works in, the arts," the Canada Council for the Arts contributes to the vibrancy and sustainability of an independent arts and literary scene that is creative, diverse, accessible and inclusive. Its work is in line with broader values of democracy and public service. The Council participates fully in the significant process towards decolonization, redress and cultural self-determination of Indigenous Peoples and nations.

To fulfill its mandate, the Council supports, directly and in a variety of ways, artists, arts groups and organizations in their research, training, creation, production, programming and engagement with audiences in their communities, across the country and around the world.

With the launch of its 2021-26 Strategic Plan, Art, now more than ever, the Council undertook to update and make explicit the fundamental values on which its existing and future relationships are based, internally, with the arts sector, with the public and with partners in Canada and internationally.

Therefore, the Canada Council for the Arts is committed to acting in all circumstances in a manner that honours and embodies these value statements, which it considers fundamental to the fulfillment of its mandate:

  • Our collective responsibility is based on humility, openness, listening and empathy that enable us to understand, support and participate in the positive change that drives the development of organizations, communities and society.
  • Mutual trust, respect and reciprocity foster shared leadership and are necessary for positive transformation.
  • Curiosity and continuous learning are essential to our work. It is stimulated by the constant sharing of facts, experiences, expertise and ideas that shed light on the most complex issues and the inevitable grey areas.
  • Our passion and care for our work and our shared mandate are sources of success, sense of accomplishment and belonging.