Important Notices

The Canada Council for the Arts is committed to the principles of public accountability and transparency. We report to Parliament through the Minister of Canadian Heritage, and submit regular re¬ports to other government departments according to schedules and regulations set by legislation and the departments. Each quarter we publish on our website the names of grant recipients and peer assessment committee members, and proactively disclose information on our activities. The Canada Council is subject to the Access to Information and Privacy Acts.

Conversion of documents from Paper to PDF

Documents not received electronically will be converted to PDF (Portable Document Format). These PDF documents and those received electronically will be put on an appropriate electronic system in their entirety. This means that they will be posted exactly as you send them, including your signature and any other personal information they contain, in the official language and format in which they are received. The paper version will be destroyed once the electronic version receives an internal approval

Verification of Information

The Canada Council reserves the right to verify any information obtained through the application process

Signatures and Electronic Signatures

Canada Council does not require original signatures on applications or other documents submitted electronically through the New Funding Model portal. The electronic submission of applications through this system represents approval and replaces the traditional physical signatures.

Protecting your information

A Canada Council employee will never ask for your username or password, or request that you change your banking information via email. Grant recipients can change their banking information through their portal account.

All emails from the Canada Council end with the domain name “” or “”.

Learn more about how we protect your personal information and about cyber security and phishing from the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security.