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Create Your Account

Create an account

You can create your account on the portal at any time. Make sure to keep a record of your username, password and the email address you used.  Any time you want to login to your account, you will need this information.

Register your profile

Part of creating your account includes identifying your profile(s), which incorporates your role or specialization in an artistic field of practice (discipline). Each profile has unique access to Council program components. To learn more, you can explore how these components are linked to the various profiles without finalizing your account registration.

If you are submitting a profile as an individual artist, or as a member of a group, your professional résumé or curriculum vitae will be required, so please ensure it is up to date. It must clearly show that you meet the profile’s eligibility criteria and will be used to validate your profile(s). Groups will need to provide the curriculum vitaes of all group members. Organizations will need to provide a brief history along with corporate information. All personal information you provide is kept private.

Validation of your profile

Before you can apply to program components, your profile has to be validated by program staff against the profile’s eligibility criteria. You can expect to hear back within 15 business days. You will be contacted both by e-mail and via a message on your portal dashboard.

Self-ID form

The Canada Council for the Arts encourages you to complete a voluntary self-identification form to help determine whether our programs and services are reaching a diverse range of Canadian artists. Anyone applying to the Canada Council for the Arts, participating on a peer assessment committee or being nominated or accepting a prize is invited to complete this form.

The Canada Council believes that equity is key to fulfilling Canada’s artistic aspirations, and we strive to ensure our applicant base reflects Canada’s rich demographic reality. We are committed to equity, diversity and inclusion in our grants and services, and to using our unique national perspective to identify and address issues related to access. The information you provide on this form will help us to meet these commitments.

Note: this information is not used to assess your application and will remain private.

You are invited to complete our revised form located in the portal even if you have provided self-ID information in the past.

To learn how the Canada Council for the Arts will use and protect your information, please see our Privacy Notice.