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Grants for Artists, Groups and Organizations

The Canada Council helps individual artists, groups and arts organizations engage in projects and activities. Grants are available for Canadian citizens or permanent residents who have specialized training — though not necessarily in an academic setting — and are recognized as professionals by other artists in the field of practice.

The grants provided to individuals are most principally used for creation, production and presenting works as well as professional development, residency, travel and the development of the sector. 


in grants in 2022-23


artists received grants in 2022-23


The Canada Council awards prizes and fellowships in a wide variety of fields of practice, often in partnership with other organizations. They are designed for artists working in a specific field or those at a certain stage in their career.

33 Prizes and Fellowships

Prizes and Fellowships in Arts, Humanities and Sciences

$1.6M Prizes awarded each year

in prizes awarded in 2022-23

183 Over

artists and scholars are awarded prizes in 2022-23

Strategic Funds and Initiatives

In addition to granting programs, the Canada Council also makes use of strategic funds. These are special funding mechanisms created in response to particular issues.


Application Assistance

Application Assistance is for applicants who identify as:

  • Deaf, hard of hearing, having a disability or living with a mental illness; or
  • First Nations, Inuit or Métis with language, geographic and/or cultural barriers.

Application Assistance contributes to costs for services to help applicants with the application process.

Funding Decisions

Through its granting activities, the Canada Council works to fulfill its mandate to foster and promote the study and enjoyment of, and the production of works in, the arts. Browse the list of grant and prize recipients.

Peer assessment is the basis for the majority of the Canada Council's funding decisions. The Canada Council's commitment to peer assessment is based on the conviction that it is the best possible means of identifying outstanding ability and artistic merit. You may be eligible to be a peer assessor.

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Public Lending Right

The Canada Council's Public Lending Right (PLR) program, administered by the Public Lending Right Commission, compensates writers for the free public access provided to their books in Canadian public libraries.

18,192 Registered authors

authors receiving a payment in 2022-23

82,650+ Registered titles

registered titles paid in 2022-23

$14.8M Distributed to authors

distributed to authors in 2022-23

Acknowledging Support from the Canada Council

Funding recipients must acknowledge the Canada Council's support, in all their printed and promotional materials, for the works and activities which receive our financial support.