Netiquette: Our Online Communication Policy

This netiquette policy was developed for all our social media platforms in order to create a congenial sharing space. We invite you to read it. Through our social media channels, we want to encourage a free exchange of ideas and comments. All messages about arts and culture in Canada and around the world are welcome.

Derogatory, offensive and/or disrespectful content

In order to foster rich, respectful and constructive dialogue while also maintaining a safe and respectful space, we reserve the right to monitor, edit, hide or remove comments or content that:

  • is off-topic, propaganda, solicitation (whether political, professional or commercial), or advertising (spam);
  • is hateful or harmful toward others;
  • is racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic or denigrates someone’s ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity or religious identity;
  • reveals personal or confidential information about someone other than the poster;
  • is repeated and persistent;
  • is illegal or contains false information intended to incite illegal, violent, hateful or harmful actions;
  • is obscene, aggressive, violent, threatening, or abusive; or
  • targets a Council employee or anyone working with the Council in a professional capacity.

Anyone who does not follow this policy may be blocked or banned from further engaging with our social media platforms. The pervasive, persistent and/or repeated posting of derogatory and/or of offensive content or commentary will lead to the involvement of law enforcement and may trigger legal action.

The views expressed on the Canada Council for the Arts’ social media channels may not necessarily be those of the Canada Council, its board or employees. The Canada Council is not responsible for comments or content posted by its followers and disclaims any liability that may arise from followers’ content.

Identity and brand theft

The Council will take all legal measures necessary to put an end to any social media account that falsely identifies itself as the Canada Council for the Arts.

Photos and videos

If you share the Canada Council’s photos or videos, please take steps to ensure that you also receive copyright permission from the appropriate person(s). The Canada Council is not legally liable for any copyright violations committed by its followers and reserves the right to delete any content without notice.


The Council reserves the right to update this netiquette policy at any time, entirely at its discretion and without notice.

If you wish to make a complaint about something you’ve seen on the Canada Council’s social media channels, please contact the Canada Council’s Communications and Engagement team, at You can also contact the Canada Council’s public feedback team at

Thank you for being part of our social media community! We love sharing this space with you.

 — Communications and Engagement, Canada Council for the Arts