Disclosure of Peer Assessment Committee Members

The Canada Council proactively publishes the names of peer assessors who served on a committee, on a quarterly basis. For some prize campaigns, the names of peer assessors will be published within three months of the winners’ announcement.

These are peer assessment committee members only and do not include external assessors or internal assessment committee members. Peer assessment committee members may appear more than once on this listing because some peer assessment committees assess more than one program, program component or competition.

External assessors: The Canada Council routinely calls on individual assessors for specialized expertise, in order to support and complement the work of peer assessment committees or to provide advice directly to Canada Council staff regarding specific grant applications and prize nominations. They can provide written assessments on plays, dance productions, research projects and prize nominations, among other things, but they do not take part in the deliberations of peer assessment committees or standing committees of peers. External assessors are selected on the basis of the expertise needed.

Prior to 2015, an annual list of past peer assessment committee members was posted based on application fiscal year.