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Due to COVID-19: 

  • the Canada Council has established a blackout period during which time we will not be supporting some travel-related activities  
  • there may be restrictions or conditions on projects in which public gatherings are an essential part  

Market Access Strategy for Official Language Minority Communities (OLMC) Fund

Strategic Funds

The Market Access Strategy for Official Language Minority Communities (OLMC) Fund aims to increase access of applicants from OLMCs to a diversity of markets and publics.

This fund supports Canadian professional artists, arts professionals, artistic groups and arts organizations who self-identify as belonging to an OLMC (defined as groups of people whose maternal or chosen official language is not the majority language in their province or territory – in other words, Anglophones in Quebec and Francophones outside of Quebec).


You may be eligible for Application Assistance to pay someone to help you with the application process if you are experiencing difficulty and self-identify as:

  • an artist who is Deaf, hard of hearing, has a disability or is living with a mental illness
  • a First Nations, Inuit or Métis artist facing language, geographic and/or cultural barriers.

Traveling abroad

If you are planning to travel abroad as part of your project, you can request a letter of introduction identifying you as a Canada Council grant holder. Presenting the letter to the cultural attaché at the Canadian embassy or high commission, to other officials, or to arts organizations may allow access to facilities not available to the general public. Contact your Program Officer to request the letter. Global Affairs Canada may also be able to help you present your project through official channels.

It is advisable to learn about any visa requirements from a consulate or the consular section of the embassy of the country concerned. Contact the host country’s embassy or consulate in Canada, and inform Global Affairs Canada. If you are traveling abroad to countries requiring visas, you should also communicate with individuals and institutions in the host country before traveling abroad.


Because Canada Council grants are considered taxable income, you may wish to receive the funds in the same year(s) that you have expenses related to your activities. You may also request to receive your project grant over multiple years. The Canada Council issues T4A slips to individuals at the appropriate time. If you have any tax-related questions, contact the Canada Revenue Agency or your provincial or territorial revenue department. Read more about income taxes and your grant.

Enhanced review

The Canada Council may randomly or selectively undertake a deep analysis of recipients’ activities after a grant has been awarded. This may include

  • Substantive review of application documentation
  • Site visit
  • External assessment of activities
  • Request for substantiation of financial information provided
  • Audit of an applicant or project

Grant amounts may be reviewed or revised if Enhanced Review has found serious misrepresentation or errors in a profile registration, a grant application or a report.

What you can apply for

Activities that directly support a market access and development strategy including (but not limited to):

  • market research (collecting data, market analysis, developing a better comprehension of the target market, developing a plan, etc.)
  • presence at cultural trade fairs, participation in showcases, and other types of travel, including touring
  • professional development such as residencies and exchanges with an emphasis on Market Access
  • capacity-building services such as the development of workshops or online tools for Market Access purposes
  • sub- and sur-titling for performing and media arts
  • translation of promotional materials

Who can apply

You must:

  • self-identify in the portal as an OLMC
  • be eligible to Canada Council programs

Your eligibility to apply to this fund is determined by the validated profile created in the portal.

Organizations presently receiving core (operating) grants can apply to this fund for exceptional projects that extend beyond regular activities.  You are responsible for demonstrating the exceptional nature of your project.

Apply on the portal

Create an account and submit one or more profile(s) for validation at least 30 days before you want to apply

Deadline and Grant Amount

Any time before the start date of your project or activity

Up to

$60 000


For more information 

Megan Leduc

Associate Program Officer, Arts Across Canada and Arts Abroad

Canada Council for the Arts

E-mail: megan.leduc@canadacouncil.ca

Toll free: 1-800-263-5588, ext. 4264