This page will provide you with tips and advice to help you in the application process, as well as information about your responsibilities if you receive a grant and your options if your application was unsuccessful.

Application steps
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Create your account

Create an account in the portal and register one or more profile(s) for validation.


Profile validation

Once your profile has been reviewed and validated by Canada Council staff, you can apply to program components.


Apply to programs

After your applicant profile has been validated, you can begin to apply to programs using that profile. Read the guidelines and preview the application form before you apply.

Application Assessment

Your application will be assessed by a committee of peers or Canada Council program officers, using weighted assessment criteria.

Notification of results

You will receive details about grant payments, terms and conditions with the results of your application.

Reporting on the grant

If you’ve received a grant, you must report on how you used it.

More information on the application process

  • Create Your Account Learn about creating your account on the portal, identifying and registering your profile(s), completing a voluntary self-identification form, and when you can expect to hear back from program staff.

    Featured in this section: fields of practice, information on the validation of your profile, and privacy information.
  • Apply to Programs Find out what to expect during the application process and read helpful advice on preparing an application.

    Featured in this section: the general list of ineligible activities, annual application limits, application assistance, and translation requirements for core grants.
  • If You Receive a Grant Learn about the conditions and requirements that you or your organization must understand and fulfill if you receive a grant.

    Featured in this section: acknowledging Canada Council support, reporting requirements, traveling abroad, income taxes, enhanced review, and Canadian Arts Data forms.
  • If You Do Not Receive a Grant Learn more about unsuccessful grant applications.

    Featured in this section: the application assessment process and the awarding of grants, the public feedback process, and the granting policy.