Guide to Getting a Grant

This page provides you with tips and advice to help you in the application process, as well as information about your responsibilities if you receive a grant and your options if your application was unsuccessful.

Information on the application process

  • Webinars and information sessions Join a webinar or information session for guidance from a Program Officer.
  • Prepare your arts and cultural CV (resume) Your CV will be required when you submit an applicant profile, apply for grants, or nominate yourself to be part of a committee that assesses applications. 

    This guide provides information and a template to help artists and arts workers prepare a new CV or adapt an existing one. It focuses on presenting their arts and cultural training, activities and experience to the Canada Council. 
  • Create your account Learn about creating your account on the portal, identifying and registering your profile(s), completing a voluntary self-identification form, and when you can expect to hear back from program staff.

    Featured in this section: fields of practice, information on the validation of your profile, and privacy information.
  • Apply to programs Find out what to expect during the application process and read helpful advice on preparing an application.

    Featured in this section: the general list of ineligible activities, annual application limits, application assistance, and translation requirements for core grants.
  • If you receive a grant Learn about the conditions and requirements that you must understand and fulfill if you receive a grant.

    Featured in this section: acknowledging Canada Council support, reporting requirements, traveling abroad, income taxes, enhanced review.
  • If you do not receive a grant Learn more about unsuccessful grant applications.

    Featured in this section: the application assessment process and the awarding of grants, the public feedback process, and the granting policy.