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Translating your core grant application

In the assessment of core grant applications, it is important to protect and promote the full equality of Canada’s two official languages while maintaining a pan-Canadian perspective. The Canada Council uses peer assessment committees that work in both English and French to assess these grant applications (except for language-based artistic practices, such as theatre and literature).

You may have the Canada Council arrange for the translation, or you may choose to provide your own translation.  

If you choose to provide your own translation:

  1. Indicate that you will provide your own translation in your application form.
  2. Download the Translation Export PDF. This file contains English and French versions of the application questions, as well as your responses.
  3. Have your responses translated. 
  4. Upload translation by the component’s translation deadline date.
  5. Request reimbursement.

Request reimbursement

The Canada Council will reimburse you for translation costs to a set maximum amount based on the component. Please note that when translating your responses, the maximum word count per question only applies to the original English responses submitted through the portal. We recognize that the translation into French may go over the maximum word count.

Component Maximum
Artist-Driven Organizations $2,000
Artistic Catalysts $2,300
Artistic Institutions $2,300
Indigenous Organizations $2,000
Support Organizations $2,000
National Arts Service Organizations $1,800
Arts Festivals and Presenters $1,800

You must provide the translator’s invoice, indicating the number of words translated. Only translation expenses are eligible for reimbursement. Writing, editing, or other related expenses will not be reimbursed. The Canada Council will not reimburse translators directly, nor will it reimburse translations done by an organization’s employee.

Reimbursement requests must be submitted within 4 weeks of the component’s translation deadline.

Complete and send the Translation expenses reimbursement application form and the translator’s invoice to the Canada Council. You can find the e-mail address in the contact information of the component’s guidelines. Or you can mail to:

Canada Council for the Arts
150 Elgin St, P. O. 1047 
Ottawa, ON  K1P 5V8