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Opening Doors to Canadian Arts Data

We offer the public detailed statistical data regarding our grant recipients in formatted Excel documents and in a machine readable format (.csv). Data can be sorted by programs, regions (e.g. community and census metropolitan area) and can also be added to other databases on arts and culture activities and organizations in Canada.


CADAC, the Canadian Arts Data / Données sur les arts au Canada, is a joint effort by arts funding agencies across Canada. CADAC is dedicated to collecting, disseminating, and analyzing financial and statistical information about Canadian arts organizations. Our simplified process, standardized forms, and web-based application make it easy for arts organizations to apply for operating grants and submit their financial and statistical information for use by funding agencies.

CADAC makes the grant application process easier for arts organizations. Our platform allows organizations to submit their financial and statistical information in one single format, saving time and effort. Arts organizations have access to their own historical data, compare themselves to similar organizations in the CADAC database, and use this data to report on the health of the field and the impact of the arts in their communities.

CADAC also provides access to Explore Our Data, a data analytics tool which includes open public access to aggregate data reports sourced from its database of over 1800 arts organizations. Data reports are made available using PowerBI, a data visualization software which generates aggregate reports and datasets that can be mined with a variety of filters. Explore Our Data allows users to create customized, extractable reports to be used for various purposes, including, but not limited to: research, advocacy, sector-specific analysis by budget size and/or by artistic disciplines and practices at various levels of government, impact assessment, benchmarking, year-over-year longitudinal trends, and so much more.

Joining CADAC

Arts Organizations

Are you an arts organization and wondering if you should use CADAC? If you are applying for or receiving core funding, contact your Program Officer to verify if you are required to use CADAC.

Funding Agencies

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