The Canada Council for the Arts is passionate about knowledge mobilization and the promotion of an innovative, data driven culture in support of public funding of the arts in Canada.

About Research, Evaluation and Performance Measurement

The Research, Measurement and Data Analytics Section undertakes evidence-based research, program evaluation and performance measurement activities related to the Council’s priorities and commitments, as well as sector-wide trends in the arts.

Our work supports decision-making and promotes the value of the Council’s investment in the arts. The research initiatives, methodologies and tools the Section develops have been recognized internationally for their innovative and original approach.

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We are engaged in exciting research to understand the impact of the arts and of the Canada Council’s support to the arts. Our focus is on research at the broad, societal level as well as specific investigations into topics related to the diversity and the health and functioning of the arts sector. We are currently working on projects aimed at understanding the impact of the arts at the social, economic and intrinsic levels, as well as supporting ongoing research initiatives.

Ongoing and research underway:

Why we do research, evaluation and performance measurement

Our rigorous approach to collecting, analyzing and publishing data supports decision-making, program design, and the demonstration of results. Our engagement with the sector and the public through tools such as data visualization and the provision of open data support knowledge sharing and sector development, as well as promote accountability and transparency.

What we do

  • Produce and publish research about the Council’s activities;
  • Conduct ongoing performance measurement activities for and about the Council’s activities;
  • Undertake program evaluations for the Council;
  • Mapping the arts ecology;
  • Commission and publish research reports on a number of issues aligned with the Council’s strategic priority areas; and
  • Support external research on the arts through partnerships and collaborations.

How we work

We use an evidence-based practice to undertake robust, relevant, and timely data analyses, evaluations and performance measurement. In-depth research projects allow the Council to be at the forefront of knowledge about Canadian arts and culture and to communicate the impact of its investments. Our research goals are also advanced through partnerships, consultations with key stakeholders and sharing data with partners.

Stats and Stories

Stats and Stories presents a breadth of information about the Canada Council’s funding in every province and territory. It includes breakdowns of funding by program, five-year funding trends, open data tables and stories about what artists, groups and arts organizations did with their grants.


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