We’re Investing in Innovation

Our innovation fund responds to the arts sector’s aspirations to build back better. Together, we can develop a stronger, and more equitable, inclusive and sustainable arts sector.  

So which problem would you like to solve? Whether you’re looking to develop a new business model, go digital, contribute to a greener arts sector, or advance equity, diversity and inclusion, the Canada Council for the Arts’ Strategic Innovation Fund can support you every step of the way. 

A colourful diagram showing the Strategic Innovation Fund components.

$200+ Million to Support Your Innovation Journey 

If you have a novel idea that could help reshape the arts sector, we have a grant you may be eligible to apply for.  

Our funding can help you shape your ideas or build your capacity to innovate. We invite you to be bold, take risks and try new ideas. Experiment and collaborate. We’re here to support promising, forward-thinking initiatives of all sizes. 

We invite you to explore the different grantspartnershipsoutreach events and resources available through the Strategic Innovation Fund. Our world needs change-makers with vision, creativity and drive. If that’s you, we created this fund to help.  

Five Innovation Grants

The Strategic Innovation Fund supports your efforts to build capacity, take risks, share knowledge, find new networks, create prototypes and scale up ambitious solutions.

Outreach and Resources

Register for a live webinar, download more resources, or contact us directly to learn more about the types of grants available or discuss your eligibility. 


In addition, we’re exploring partnerships across sectors to support and inspire arts organizations, groups and collectives to find creative solutions to complex social problems.