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The Creation Accelerator is closed for applications. Visit the Explore and Create program for related funding opportunities. For feedback on this program from participants and partners, please see our summary report in the research library.

Are you an artist with a great idea for a digital creation project?

The Canada Council for the Arts and CBC/Radio-Canada are teaming up to offer The Creation Accelerator, an exciting opportunity for Canadian artists to develop an original concept and create a digital project for potential distribution on CBC/Radio-Canada’s platforms. 

Pitch your idea for a podcast, web series, short doc, sound art, digital graphic novel, experimental dance video, animation, and more.

What is The Creation Accelerator?

The Creation Accelerator is a two phase pilot to support the development, creation, and sharing of original digital content for potential distribution on CBC/Radio-Canada’s digital platforms. Phase 1 is a development phase, while Phase 2 is a production phase.

In Phase 1, Canadian artists, artistic groups/collectives and organizations with a validated Canada Council profile, working in any field of practice, are invited to submit their idea for a standalone, shareable digital work with the potential to engage a broad audience and/or an underserved public. Successful recipients will receive an initial grant to develop an original idea, work with an independent producer, and receive an orientation from CBC/Radio-Canada.

No prior digital experience is required.

You may be eligible for Application Assistance to pay someone to help you with the application process if you are experiencing difficulty and self-identify as:

  • an artist who is Deaf, hard of hearing, has a disability or is living with a mental illness
  • a First Nations, Inuit or Métis artist facing language, geographic and/or cultural barriers.

Looking for more digital opportunities? Check out The Digital Strategy Fund.

Partner Contributions

In Phase 1, the Canada Council for the Arts will provide up to 20 successful applicants with grants of up to $50,000 each.

CBC/Radio-Canada will provide grant recipients with an orientation to digital creation. CBC/Radio-Canada will also pair successful applicants with an independent producer or approve a producer identified by the recipient.

Activities - What you can apply for

The Creation Accelerator welcomes concepts for unique, boundary-pushing digital content. While applications must be submitted in either English or French, you can propose a project that incorporates content in any language, including Indigenous languages.

You can apply for the costs to research and develop a proposal for a shareable, standalone digital work. These costs must include the contracting of an independent digital producer to develop the project concept, as well as a production and a postproduction timeline and budget. Eligible costs can also include the creation of sample content or a demo. 

CBC/Radio-Canada will pair successful recipients with an independent producer. Alternately, you can identify a producer you would like to work with in your project description, to be approved by CBC/Radio-Canada.

Successful recipients to Phase 1 of The Creation Accelerator will be invited to submit an application to Phase 2, which will provide funding to create and produce their shareable, standalone digital work.

You can’t apply for activities that occur before the application deadline date, those that receive funding from another Canada Council program, or those on the general list of ineligible activities.

Applicants - Who can apply

Types of potential applicants to this initiative include:

Artistic organizations presently receiving core grants are eligible to apply to this initiative. Your eligibility to apply is determined by the validated profile created in the Canada Council portal.

Employees of CBC/Radio-Canada are not eligible to apply to the Creation Accelerator.

Apply on the portal

Create an account and submit one or more profile(s) for validation at least 30 days before you want to apply

Next Deadline

This was a pilot initiative that is now closed for new applications.


Doc Icon Doc Icon Application form and Guidelines

Please use these guidelines for reference only.

For more information:

Please contact accelerator@canadacouncil.ca or
1-800-263-5588 (toll-free), ext.5574