Please note, the Digital Strategy Fund is now closed for applications. For related funding see the Innovation Grants.


What’s next for the Digital Strategy Fund?

As part of its 2016-21 strategic plan, the Canada Council for the Arts committed to advancing the digital transformation of the arts sector with a Digital Strategy Fund.

While the Digital Strategy Fund is now closed, as part of the 2021-26 strategic plan, two new funding initiatives to support digital capacity building and transformation are being introduced. These will open in September 2021:

  • Digital Generator will help arts groups, collectives and organizations to build digital capacity, and transform their business models and operations. Learn more
  • Digital Greenhouse will help artists, arts groups, collectives and organizations develop projects that leverage digital technology to address sectoral and digital challenges. Learn more

Stimulate the digital transformation of the arts sector in Canada

The Digital Strategy Fund grants helped Canadian artists, groups, and arts organizations understand the digital world, engage with it, and respond to the cultural and social changes it has produced.

The Canada Council continues to encourage strategic initiatives that share the values and principles of the digital world, including:

  • a focus on collaboration, partnership, and networking;
  • open-mindedness and willingness to share knowledge, results, ideas, and lessons learned;
  • experimentation, risk-taking, and iterative development.

Between 2017 and 2021, the Canada Council invested $88.5M through this Fund.

Fund Components

Digital Literacy and Intelligence

Project grants to support the arts sector in building digital knowledge, skills and capacity. It supports Canadian artists, groups and arts organizations in their efforts to respond more effectively to the challenges, issues and opportunities of the digital era, develop and broaden their strategic digital thinking, and strengthen their ability to translate that thinking into sustainable, concrete actions.

Public Access to the Arts and Citizen Engagement

Project grants to support Canadian artists, groups and arts organizations to improve the public’s access, engagement and participation in the arts through digital means. It supports innovative digital initiatives that enhance the artistic experience of diverse publics, encourage the participation and engagement of citizens with the art, and increase discoverability and access to the works of Canadian artists, both at home and abroad.

Transformation of Organizational Models

Project grants to support the exploration, development, implementation or optimization of existing digital initiatives in order to help arts organizations transform the way they work in order to address challenges, seize opportunities and adapt to a networked and connected environment.

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Get even more insight into the Digital Strategy Fund

Tip 10 OG
Digital Strategy Fund Digital

Tip #10—Apply any time of year for Digital Literacy initiatives under 50K

You may have only just started your digital journey, and you’re unsure where to go next. Or you may have a digital opportunity or challenge in mind that you want to explore further.

Tip 9 OG
Digital Strategy Fund Digital

Tip #9: Be open and sustainable—and leave your mark

Your digital initiative can have a long-lasting impact when you enable your community to build their digital capacity out of your work. What’s the best way to do that?

Tip 8 OG
Digital Strategy Fund Digital

Tip # 8: Have a plan for your team’s decision making

The digital world is full of new and exciting opportunities—but with all of these opportunities comes a lot of decision making. How will you and your collaborators know how to make a decision with your digital challenge or opportunity?

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Digital Strategy Fund Digital

Tip #1: Don’t know what you don’t know? Become digitally literate. 7 Tips to Keep Calm and Go Digital

Digital transformation is happening so quickly that many find themselves at the beginning of mastering a digital vocabulary and mindset (aka digital literacy). Some feel they don’t even know what they don’t know.

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