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Important Notice: The portal opens for applications early September 2018.

New this year: Digital Literacy and Intelligence Stream - Ongoing deadline for initiatives with requests up to $50,000. See details below!

Stimulate the digital transformation of the arts sector in Canada

The Digital Strategy Fund encourages an overall approach that helps support Canadian artists, groups and arts organizations in understanding the digital world, engaging with it, and responding to the cultural and social changes it produces. Between 2017 and 2021, the Canada Council will invest $88.5M through this Fund.

In 2017-18, $6M was awarded in support to artists, artistic groups and organizations towards the development of digital initiatives. The Fund will support initiatives that aim at developing a user-centred culture of innovation, a rethinking of organizational culture, work procedures and leadership styles, and finally, the adoption and deployment of available technological solutions.

The Canada Council encourages initiatives that embody the values and principles of both the digital world and the Digital Strategy Fund, namely:

  • a focus on collaboration, partnership and networking;
  • open-mindedness, and willingness to share knowledge, results, ideas and lessons learned;
  • experimentation, risk-taking and iterative development.

Fund Components

Digital Literacy and Intelligence

Project grants to support the arts sector in building digital knowledge, skills and capacity. It supports Canadian artists, groups and arts organizations in their efforts to respond more effectively to the challenges, issues and opportunities of the digital era, develop and broaden their strategic digital thinking, and strengthen their ability to translate that thinking into sustainable, concrete actions.

Public Access to the Arts and Citizen Engagement

Project grants to support Canadian artists, groups and arts organizations to improve the public’s access, engagement and participation in the arts through digital means. It supports innovative digital initiatives that enhance the artistic experience of diverse publics, encourage the participation and engagement of citizens with the art, and increase discoverability and access to the works of Canadian artists, both at home and abroad.

Transformation of Organizational Models

Project grants to support the exploration, development, implementation or optimization of existing digital initiatives in order to help arts organizations transform the way they work in order to address challenges, seize opportunities and adapt to a networked and connected environment.

Apply on the portal

Create an account and submit one or more profile(s) for validation at least 30 days before you want to apply

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Get even more insight into the Digital Strategy Fund

Smartphone compass app
Digital Strategy Fund Digital

Tip #1: Don’t know what you don’t know? Become digitally literate. 7 Tips to Keep Calm and Go Digital

The Canada Council’s Digital Strategy Fund helps foster digital literacy to benefit recipients and the wider arts sector

Chilean artists in discussion at a visual arts workshop in Santiago
Digital Strategy Fund Digital

Tip #2: The more the merrier—collaborate! 7 Tips to Keep Calm and Go Digital

The Canada Council’s Digital Strategy Fund supports recipients in forming collaborative relationships with new partners to bring new knowledge to their organization.

People walk down an illuminated hallway at Canary Wharf, London, United Kingdom
Digital Strategy Fund Digital

Tip #3: Already digital? Scale up! 7 Tips to Keep Calm and Go Digital

The Canada Council’s Digital Strategy Fund is open to applicants who want to scale up or increase the impact of an existing digital initiative.

Woman takes a photo of her friend at a digital art exhibit at The Museum of Modern Art, New York, United States
Digital Strategy Fund Digital

Tip #4: Start small and iterate. 7 Tips to Keep Calm and Go Digital

The Canada Council’s Digital Strategy Fund’s multi-phase components allow recipients to take an iterative approach to their work and pursue one small step at a time.

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Digital Strategy Fund on Tour

Do you have a validated CCA profile?

Are you applying to the Canada Council’s Digital Strategy Fund this fall?

We are holding one-on-one meetings to discuss your application:

  • Vancouver – August 14, 15
  • Calgary – August 28
  • Edmonton – August 29
  • Quebec City – September 5 
  • Montréal - September 6, 7
  • Toronto – September 19, 20 
  • Winnipeg – September 19
  • Halifax – September 25
  • Moncton – September 26

For details: DSF Outreach, dsfoutreach@canadacouncil.ca