Tip #9: Be open and sustainable—and leave your mark

Your digital initiative can have a long-lasting impact when you enable your community to build their digital capacity out of your work. What’s the best way to do that? Make sure your initiative is both open and sustainable.

What does an open and sustainable initiative look like?

An open initiative generates information or a technological solution that is easy for others to find. To make sure your initiative is open, ask yourself:

  • How will your digital knowledge be easily found and used by others in your community?
  • How can others access and use the technological solution we create?

A sustainable initiative is designed with future application in mind. To make sure your initiative is sustainable, ask yourself:

  • Does this initiative further the digital capacity of the members of the arts community?
  • In a few years’ time, what do I hope the impact of my initiative looks like?
  • How might the technology be used in the future?

Ready to support the digital advancement of your community?

See how an open, sustainable initiative is emphasized in the Digital Strategy Fund guidelines or contact a program officer.