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Tip #2: The more the merrier—collaborate!

July 19, 2018
Photo: AntennaUnsplash

Our highly-networked world is all about openness and sharing. As such, digital approaches and solutions are inherently collaborative. Shared goals and common challenges favor wider adoption to create a greater and more sustainable impact. Despite this reality, some struggle to establish strong and fruitful digital collaborations.

What kinds of collaboration are impactful in a digital world?

You can use the Digital Literacy and Intelligence component of the Fund to form collaborative relationships with new partners, reach out to peers within the arts sector, or create new alliances with other sectors such as cultural industries, the private sector, academia, or civil society. By looking beyond your usual collaborators, you can bring valuable new knowledge and skills into your group or organization.

You might, for example:

  • Pursue a relationship with one or more like-minded organizations facing similar challenges or opportunities;
  • Collaborate with a consortium of partners from your own field of practice, a range of practices, or partners from the larger cultural world or digital community, including start-ups and accelerators;
  • Work with a cluster of organizations, artists and partners in your neighbourhood, city, or community;
  • Host an event like speed dating or other meet-ups that unite people who don’t ordinarily work together;
  • Join forces with activities already taking place in your community—to multiply their impact and your own.

See funded initiatives that already received support to increase digital collaboration.

Ready to be part of the collaborative digital force?

Read the Digital Literacy and Intelligence component guidelines of our Digital Strategy Fund or contact a program officer.