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A new digital shift:
thinking differently

May 15, 2018

The arts community is taking a new digital shift. No less than 45 initiatives shared nearly $6 million in funding from the Digital Strategy Fund.

The overall result?

There is no single way to make the most of the opportunities presented by digital technology. What’s important is to think differently about approach. Not so simple and not so clear, you might say? Maybe not, but it’s possible. And to inspire artists and organizations interested in applying for the next competition, we have published a list to help them better understand the objectives of the fund. This list includes descriptions of previously supported projects and serves as an invitation to be inspired to think differently.

Thinking outside the box

To name just a few examples, selected projects involved open data, shared and accessible resources and knowledge, user-based approaches, laboratories, clinics, participatory approaches, hackathons, resource and data sharing and blockchain exploration.

Overall, these initiatives pursue new directions and centre on collaboration, and finding partners and support off the beaten path (industry, university, experts, and consultants). The vision behind these projects affirms a desire to experiment and seize the many opportunities presented by digital technology.

It’s up to you to imagine innovative initiatives for you and for the sector, and to take the digital shift. Consult the 2017 competition results.

Next competition: October 2018

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