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Tip #7: Share your findings, pool your knowledge

July 19, 2018

What you learn from the implementation of a digital initiative should benefit you and your partners, as well as the broader sector. A report at the end of your initiative is one way to do this—but it’s not necessarily the most engaging approach. Be creative: find ways to build knowledge-sharing networks into each step of your process. Inspire others: a strategy of ongoing sharing opens up your initiative to your community, peers, and stakeholders. See how your ideas evolve: feedback and engagement from the community amplifies the reach and impact of your initiative.

The more you and your peers pool your knowledge, the more the milieu as a whole stands to benefit.

To share your knowledge you might, for example:

  • Post your insights on social media;
  • Set up a blog or video diary highlighting your discoveries, processes, insights, frustrations and setbacks;
  • Invite your users, stakeholders, peers and counterparts to demo sessions or open houses throughout your initiative;
  • Solicit active engagement from your community in the form of reactions, opinions, or expressions of interest whenever you share updates about your initiative.

See descriptions of funded initiatives that already received support from the Digital Strategy Fund, and consider some of the ways they may have shared their findings.

Have an initiative in mind with a clear vision for sharing your findings?

Read the Digital Strategy Fund program guidelines or contact a program officer.