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Tip # 8: Have a plan for your team’s decision making

The digital world is full of new and exciting opportunities—but with all of these opportunities comes a lot of decision making. How will you and your collaborators know how to make a decision with your digital challenge or opportunity? A governance plan is a crucial tool that will help.

What do I need to consider in my governance plan?    

A governance plan defines how you and your collaborators make decisions together. Your governance plan should address a few key questions:

  • Who will be responsible and/or consulted for the various types of decisions you’ll make?
  • Will you consult across your team for input when you need to make a decision, so that everyone’s voice is heard?
  • If you decide to consult across your team for decision making, how will you undertake that consultation?
  • And, if applicable, who owns the technological solution you will make?

You’ll also want to consider what external expertise you and your team may need from service providers. Keep in mind, however, that your partners are distinct from service providers. Your partners share equally in the benefits of your initiative from the beginning to the end of the initiative, and have an equal stake in how decisions will be made. Service providers may help inform decisions, but they do not share equally in the governance over your initiative.

Ready to put together your governance plan and collaborate?

See how well-planned decision making is emphasized in the Digital Strategy Fund guidelines, or contact a program officer