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Tip #1: Don’t know what you don’t know? Become digitally literate.

July 19, 2018

Digital transformation is happening so quickly that many find themselves at the beginning of mastering a digital vocabulary and mindset (aka digital literacy). Some feel they don’t even know what they don’t know. This can be frustrating since digital literacy is needed to understand the opportunities and challenges connected to society’s digital transformation.

What does work towards digital literacy look like?

Our Digital Strategy Fund can help you fill knowledge gaps. The Fund’s Digital Literacy and Intelligence component helps foster digital literacy in a way that allows you to plan concrete actions and strategies to benefit you and the wider arts sector. In other words, this component can help you find out what you don’t know.

This work can take many forms—for example, you could:

  • Research the value of digital tools and technologies;
  • Consult with specialists, experts or advisors;
  • Conduct design thinking activities, coaching approaches, studies and/or strategic foresight;
  • Engage in discussions with other organizations towards a digital strategic plan.
  • Organize workshops, webinars, mentorships, or other learning opportunities together with your stakeholders or community, in order to discuss common challenges and plan joint actions.

See funded initiatives that already received support to boost digital skills.

Ready to master your digital skills?

Read the Digital Literacy and Intelligence component guidelines of our Digital Strategy Fund or contact a program officer.