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Application and Final Report Assistance

Funds are available to pay for services to individuals who experience disability-related barriers within the application and final reporting processes of Canada Council programs. Applicants who are Deaf, have disabilities or who are living with mental illness, may apply for funding to contribute to costs for services to assist them specifically in completing a grant application and/or in submitting a final report. Support is available towards a broad range of services.

Please submit your request at least four weeks prior to a component deadline or, if the component has no deadline, four weeks before you plan to apply.

Who can receive Application and Final Report Assistance?

Individual applicants or the lead applicant for a group who:

  • meet the eligibility requirements for the component to which they are applying
  • identify disability-related barriers within the application and/or the final reporting process

How do I request Application and Final Report Assistance?

Contact by phone or e-mail the officer responsible for the relevant program, or call 1-800-263-5588 extension 5060.

You will be required to:

  • self-identify as Deaf, having a disability or living with mental illness
  • identify whether you are requesting assistance with respect to your application or your final report
  • identify who you would hire, the type of services they would provide, the number of hours required to complete the work and their rate

Please note: your service provider cannot be a project participant.

How will my request be assessed?

The officer will assess your request by:

  • determining your eligibility to the component
  • requesting a quote from your service provider (template will be provided)
  • determining the amount of Canada Council’s contribution according to the information below (detailed guidelines are available upon request):
    • General transcription or editing services and organizing support materials: up to $500
    • Sign language translation into written English or French: up to $800 for American Sign Language (ASL) and up to $1500 for Langue des signes québécoise (LSQ)
    • Application development with artists with intellectual or developmental disabilities: up to $900

What are the final steps?

  • The officer will let you know the amount of Canada Council's contribution, if you are eligible.
  • You will be required to ensure that the service provider sends its invoice (for the amount approved) to the program officer upon completion of the grant application or final report.
  • The officer will arrange payment of the service provider.