We’re also exploring partnerships across sectors to help arts organizations, groups or collectives find creative solutions to complex social problems and amplify the reach of the Strategic Innovation Fund.

Stay tuned for more information about partnership opportunities or contact us at innovationfund@canadacouncil.ca.

A recently announced partnership 

The College and Community Social Innovation Fund 

News release: College and Community Social Innovation Fund competition is now open.

The Canada Council for the Arts has once again partnered with the National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada on the College and Community Social Innovation Fund (CCSIF) to support projects that promote social innovation in communities. The goal is to help arts organizations, groups or collectives collaborate with other sectors to support equitable, durable solutions to complex social problems, such as community development, social justice, decolonization, the climate crisis and environmental degradation. 

These grants foster community innovation by connecting the talent, facilities and capabilities of Canada’s colleges and polytechnics with community organizations’ research needs. The Council and CCSIF offer a joint application submission and review process.

Groups, organizations or collectives who apply with a valid Canada Council for the Arts applicant profile may request additional funding from the Council by completing a budget form and submitting it with the CCSIF application in the Convergence Portal (see CCSIF application instructions). Each eligible partner arts organization, group or collective may request up to $75,000 per year for up to three years to support their participation in the CCSIF research project.

For more information about eligibility and instructions on how to apply, see the College and Community Social Innovation Fund web page. 

Go to the NSERC website to learn more about the CCSIF/Canada Council for the Arts joint funding opportunity.