1. Glossary

first nations, inuit and métis professional artist

The Canada Council supports art made by First Nations, Inuit and Métis artists for creative and cultural purposes. It values distinctive voices that are free to determine their own artistic direction and supports excellence, innovation, experimentation and creativity in all established and emerging artistic practices.

To be eligible as a First Nations, Inuit and Métis professional artist, you must:

  • be committed to the creation and dissemination of original contemporary or customary works of art, and to the ongoing development of your skills and practice
  • have specialized training in your field, consistent with the standards of their practice. This can include mentorships, self-study, academic training or combinations of these types of training
  • be recognized by other artists working in the same practice or by their community as an artist of achievement or potential
  • commit to your own artistic vision, regardless of its commercial potential, and retain creative control of their work
  • have maintained a professional artistic practice for a minimum of 2 years (but not necessarily in consecutive months)
  • have presented, performed or exhibited at least 1 work publicly, and received compensation and/or recognition for this in a manner consistent with the standards of your practice, community or Indigenous protocols