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  2. direct project costs

direct project costs

Direct project costs pay for items and people that are needed for a specific project. These are variable costs that relate directly to the activity, which means that delaying or cancelling the project will result in most or all of these costs being deferred to later or eliminated. Very simple examples are:

A professional development project might have the following direct project costs:

  • Travel to another location, accommodation and meals
  • Registration fee

A creation project might have the following direct project costs:

  • Fees for participating artists
  • Honoraria for elders, mentors or artistic advisors
  • Subsistence costs or artistic fee for the applicant
  • Artistic supplies and materials that will be consumed or depleted during the project
  • Studio or facility rent for the duration of the project

A conference might have the following direct project expenses:

  • Fees for conference coordinator and other staff
  • Honoraria, travel costs, accommodation and meals for panelists and speakers
  • Facility rent and catering
  • Promotional services and materials

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