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  2. deaf and/or disability

Deaf and/or disability


People with hearing loss, hard-of-hearing, oral-deaf, deaf-blind and late-deafened, many of whom identify as Culturally Deaf – sharing distinct sign languages, traditions, histories, and values. Deaf with a capital "D" represents a range of experiences from being culturally Deaf to having hearing loss, and using multiple forms of oral and visual communication. Sign languages are regionally and culturally specific with unique syntax and grammar, distinct from written and spoken languages. Individuals may identify as having a disability rather than being culturally Deaf. Learn more …


Disability is an experience of exclusion or disadvantage. People with disabilities are those with actual or perceived impairments who experience discrimination and disadvantage as a direct result of that impairment, or due to social, policy or environmental barriers. Impairments are physical, mental or learning conditions that have long-term, temporary or fluctuating effects. Learn more …