Our digital investment fosters the sharing of artistic creation, enhances skills, and supports the transformation of organizational models and practices across the arts sector.

Overall result

With our digital investment, we’re amplifying the quality, scale and sharing of art through digital technology—which is changing the way audiences relate to the arts and culture, and how they connect with each other and the wider world. Artists and organizations need to be able to thrive in this radically changing environment. The Council is on track to honour its commitment to invest $88.5 million by 2020-21 to advance the arts sector’s digital capacity.

Targets and investments

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A fund to advance the digital capacity of the arts

The Council’s Digital Strategy Fund supports the arts sector to better understand, engage with, and respond to the changes digital technology have brought to the world.

In 2018-19, the fund supported 297 new initiatives across the country with a total of $22.9M—keeping the Council on track to invest $88.5M by 2020-21 to develop the arts sector’s digital capacity.

Getting into the digital groove

In 2018-19, the Council launched a unique funding initiative to help core grant recipients measure their digital readiness, identify digital gaps and possibilities, and develop plans for leveraging digital opportunities.

This initiative supported more than 170 organizations to better understand their digital capacity and embrace the many opportunities to deepen connections with audiences through digital technology.

Connecting with the community

The Council launched a communications campaign last year to convey to the arts community how it can help them navigate and thrive in the digital world through the Digital Fund.

The Council reached artists and arts workers with tips on its website and social media platforms, two Facebook Live information sessions, and a series of outreach sessions across the country.


Annual Report

The Canada Council for the Arts issues an Annual Report that details its activities and work towards its strategic plan commitments. The Report touches on the Council’s major accomplishments and initiatives, as well as the contributions of artists and organizations that bring these accomplishments to life. The Annual Report affirms the importance, necessity and impact of public arts funding for Canadians.

Read the Annual Report