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Our digital investment fostered the sharing of artistic creation, enhanced skills and supported the transformation of organizational models and practices across the arts sector.

Overall result

With our digital investment, we amplified the quality, scale and sharing of art through digital technology in Canada and abroad, which was changing the way audiences related to the arts and culture and how they connected with each other and the wider world. Artists and organizations needed to be able to thrive in a radically changing environment. During the COVID-19 pandemic—and the implementation of physical distancing measures—this commitment played an important role in the arts. The Council surpassed its commitment to invest $96.5 million by 2020–21 to advance the arts sector’s digital capacity.

Targets and investments

The Canada Council for the Arts’ investment in its digital fund as of 2019-20


This infographic shows the Council’s planned and actual investment for its digital fund towards a target investment to be reached by 2020–21. 

  • Actual investment in a digital fund as of 2020–21: $96.5 million
  • Target investment in a digital fund by 2020–21: $88.5 million
  • Final status: Surpassed


A fund to advance the digital capacity of the arts

The Council’s Digital Strategy Fund supported the arts sector to better understand and embrace the changes driven by digital technology and to continue moving forward.

In addition to the 483 projects funded in the past three years of the Fund, the final year’s competition supported 299 new projects. In 2020–21, the Fund provided a total of $46.4 million in support.

The Creation Accelerator: a new digital opportunity

In 2019–20, the $1 million Creation Accelerator funding initiative provided opportunities for Canadian artists to develop an original concept and create a digital project for potential distribution on CBC/Radio-Canada’s platforms. In collaboration with CBC/Radio-Canada, the Council launched this new catalyst tool to amplify digital creation in Canada.

The Council received applications from across the country in every artistic discipline and supported 24 projects from 11 communities.

New initiatives to support digital capacity building 

As part of its 2021-26 strategic plan, the Canada Council for the Arts will launch two new funding initiatives in September 2021 to support digital capacity building and transformation:

  • Digital Generator will help arts groups, collectives, and organizations build digital capacity, and transform their business models and operations.
  • Digital Greenhouse will help artists, arts groups, collectives, and organizations develop projects that leverage digital technology to address sectoral and digital challenges.

Learn more about our commitments

Annual Report 2019-2020

Annual Report

The Canada Council for the Arts issues an Annual Report that details its activities and work towards its strategic plan commitments. The Report touches on the Council’s major accomplishments and initiatives, as well as the contributions of artists and organizations that bring these accomplishments to life. The Annual Report affirms the importance, necessity and impact of public arts funding for Canadians.

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