1. Commitments
  2. Arts Support

Our increased support for the arts responds to the evolution of artistic creation, engages an increasingly diverse public, and fosters renewal and growth.

Overall result

With our commitment to increase support for the arts, we’re galvanizing artistic research and development and helping the emergence and visibility of the next generation of artists. We’re also increasing our support to artists, collectives and organizations in their work towards artistic excellence and greater engagement in the arts by Canada’s increasingly diverse public. 

Targets and investments

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More flexible and inclusive programs 

We streamlined more than 140 disciplinary-based programs into six outcomes-oriented programs.

With this transformation, we’ve created a granting system that’s inclusive and flexible—and that’s made it possible for even more artists and arts organizations to access our support.

Creating an artistic legacy

The Council’s New Chapter program was a special, one-time initiative in 2016, which marked the start of the Council’s major reinvestment in the arts.

The Council’s New Chapter program funded more than 200 exceptional projects that reflect the diversity of creative expression across the country, leaving a lasting legacy for Canadians.

17,200 strong

17,200 writers, illustrators, and translators. That’s how many literary creators the Council’s Public Lending Right (PLR) Program distributed payments to in 2018-19 for the presence of their books in local libraries across Canada.

This same year, the Council added an addition $2.5M to the PLR Program—furthering our support to Canada’s literary creators.


Annual Report

The Canada Council for the Arts issues an Annual Report that details its activities and work towards its strategic plan commitments. The Report touches on the Council’s major accomplishments and initiatives, as well as the contributions of artists and organizations that bring these accomplishments to life. The Annual Report affirms the importance, necessity and impact of public arts funding for Canadians.

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