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Great Northern Arts Society

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Inuvik, Northwest Territories

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 The Great Northern Arts Society Showcased Artists from Across Canada in 2019

Women and girls participating in a workshop.
Great Northern Arts Festival, Inuvik, 2019. Photographer(s): Tony Devlin

The Great Northern Arts Society creates meaningful experiences for participating artists, performers, and visitors, and they ensure that northern artists feel fulfilled and valued as they pursue their crafts.

Art under the Arctic’s midnight sun

Located at the gateway to the Arctic Ocean, vibrant Inuvik is an ideal location for the Great Northern Arts Festival. Featuring visual arts, carving, textiles, sewing, jewellery, performing arts, Arctic fashion and northern culture, the festival takes place under the midnight sun each year, bringing economic and social benefits to surrounding communities. Along with showcasing established artists, it aims to inspire new and emerging artists and offers interactive workshops in public settings.

Building community through the power of art

The festival brings communities together, instilling a sense of pride and building knowledge of their histories. It attracts regional, national and international visitors, stimulating tourism and supporting other businesses in the area. The goal is for visitors to leave Inuvik feeling inspired after experiencing high-quality, engaging, culturally relevant and community-driven arts events. The festival also provides free marketing and advertising for local businesses, and generates opportunities for participation, skills development and volunteering.


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