Recipients – all

In response to the Government of Canada’s policy on the publication of grants and contributions over $25,000, the Canada Council for the Arts’ searchable online database provides information on all grants and prizes awarded. 

The database is updated 4 times per year to include information on all grants and prizes awarded by the Canada Council. Between 1998-99 and 2016-17, the database was updated in November.

It is important to note that the proactive grant disclosure data cannot be reconciled with either the quarterly financial statements or the annual grant data due to changes during the period such as grant cancellations.

As part as the annual reporting cycle, the Council will release a validated list of grants and prizes, after the Annual Report has been published. The Canada Council retains successful application files for a period of 20 years.

To access more detailed tables of grant recipients in Excel and CSV format, visit Stats and Stories and click on the Explore our Data button.

You can use this search tool to find recipients from 1998-99 to present. If you would like to filter results by program and component (2017 to present), refer to the Recipients – 2017 to present search tool. If you would like to filter results by discipline and program (prior to 2017), refer to the Recipients – prior to 2017 search tool.

If there is no data showing under a particular drop-down menu, it means that there are no results of this type.