Core funding and the reinvestment of new funds: a second and last round

June 29, 2018

Commitments, strategy and investing the new funds

With our strategic plan, we made several commitments in pursuit of our vision for the future. Given the funds available under the progressive doubling of the Canada Council’s budget, we identified a number of strategic reinvestment targets to be achieved by 2021.

One of these targets is a 55% increase in the total core-grant budget awarded to more than 1,150 arts, literary or support organizations. To achieve this by 2021, we planned a historic reinvestment in two rounds: a first round of grants awarded in 2017-18, and a second round to be awarded from 2018-19 to 2019-20.

Core grants for arts organizations: the second and last round in awarding new funds

The first round

With the launch of the New Funding Model in 2017-18, we committed most of the new funds earmarked for core grants to organizations (which represents 2/3 of the 55% increase).

The second and last round

The second and last round for the distribution of the new funds (on average 1/3 of the 55% increase) will be spread over two fiscal years: 2018-19 and 2019-20. These two time periods factor in the two grant cycles for organizations (two- or three-year) set specifically by the Council to launch the New Funding Model. The table below summarizes the relevant grant programs and components:

Second round of funding: 2018-19

Programs and Components Deadlines and Grant Cycles
Explore and Create
Artist-Driven Organizations
24 October 2018
Four-year grants
Engage and Sustain
Artistic Institutions
17 October 2018
Four-year grants
Creating, Knowing and Sharing: the Arts and Cultures of First Nations, Inuit and Métis Peoples
Indigenous Organizations
21 September 2018
Two-year grants
Supporting Artistic Practice
Literary Publishers
26 September 2018
Two-year grants

Second round of funding: 2019-20

Programs and Components Deadlines and Grant Cycles
Engage and Sustain
Artistic Catalysts
Fall 2019: deadline TBA
Four-year grants
Supporting Artistic Practice
Support Organizations
National Arts Service Organizations (NASOs)
Fall 2019: deadline TBA
Four-year grants
Arts Across Canada
Arts Festivals and Presenters
Fall 2019: deadline TBA
Four-year grants

The total allocation of new core grants for organizations in the second round of funding will vary from one program component to the next due to the two different grant cycles of two or three years. To better understand the table at the end of this message, it is necessary to know that:

  • Arts organizations on three-year cycles are receiving their first-round grants over three fiscal years: 2017-18, 2018-19 and 2019-20. Second-round grants cover the period beginning in 2020-21.
  • Arts organizations on two-year cycles received their first-round grants spread over two fiscal years: 2017-18 and 2018-19. Second-round grants cover the period beginning in 2019-20.
  • Important note: For the second round of funding during this historic reinvestment (which ends in 2020), we will take into consideration the increases awarded in the first round.
  • The second round of reinvestment marks both the end of the transitional period of the Canada Council’s new funds and the first year of the full doubling of its budget.

Similarly, the Council’s strategic budgets for equity in the arts were mostly awarded to equity-seeking organizations during the first round. 

The same high standards and the same assessment process

There is no change in our decision-making process for this historic distribution of Canada Council grant funds, and the major commitments of our strategic plan will remain the same. Peer-assessment based on specific criteria for each granting program remains at the heart of our decision-making process.

As underscored repeatedly in our communications with arts organizations, it is of utmost importance that our peer assessment committees receive the most accurate description of your activities and the most persuasive arguments concerning how these relate to the assessment criteria for the program to which you are applying.

For any questions about the preparation of your grant application for the upcoming competitions, please contact the Council. We look forward to working with you as we Shape a New Future.

Core Funding: Awarding of New Funds by Program as of April 1, 2018
Core Component % of New Funds Awarded* % of New Funds Remaining*
All Core Components 67% awarded to date 33% remaining
Artist Driven Organizations 62% awarded up to 2018-19 38% remaining
Artistic Catalysts 78% awarded up to 2019-20 22% remaining
Artistic Institutions 57% awarded up to 2018-19 43% remaining
Indigenous Organizations 55% awarded up to 2018-19 45% remaining
Literary Publishers 51% awarded up to 2018-19 49% remaining
Support Organizations 68% awarded up to 2019-20 32% remaining
NASOs 74% awarded up to 2019-20 26% remaining
Arts Festivals and Presenters 95% awarded up to 2019-20 5% remaining
*Note:  These percentages are based on the projected budgets of core components up to 2020-21.  They are subject to change if application volumes and success rates are significantly different than projected.