Digital Generator Stream 1

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Thinking about applying to Digital Generator Stream 1? Want to find out more? In this video, we’ll guide you through the program guidelines, eligibility, and evaluation criteria to help you take the next steps to build digital capacity in your group, collective or organization.

To learn more about Digital Generator Stream 1, check out the guidelines.

If you’re looking for a toolkit to get started on your Digital Generator project, we have tools to help you assess your digital needs, build a digital strategy and work with a service provider.

Publication date

June 14, 2022

Slide 1: Digital Generator – Stream 1

Welcome to the Digital Generator – Stream 1.

Slide 2: Introducing the Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF)

In this short video, we’re going to introduce and explain Stream 1 of the Digital Generator — an exciting component of our Strategic Innovation Fund.

But first, here’s a quick overview of the Fund so you can see where the Digital Generator fits in.

The Strategic Innovation Fund aims to build a more inclusive, resilient, sustainable arts sector. It includes

  • Three main components — Seed, Cultivate and Grow. and
  • Two support components — the Digital Generator and Digital Greenhouse.

Now let’s turn the spotlight on those digital components.

Slide 3: What do we mean by digital?

First of all, what does it mean to “go digital” anyway?

Well, maybe you’re trying to be more discoverable online.

  • Or you want to generate new revenue streams?
  • Or make better use of data?
  • Could digital gaps be slowing you down?

Going digital means using electronic tools, systems, devices and resources to address these kinds of questions, so that you can improve the way you work.

Slide 4: Digital components of the Strategic Innovation Fund

To support the digital transformation of the arts sector, the Strategic Innovation Fund offers two funding sources.

  • The Digital Generator helps arts groups and organizations build digital capacity and transform their own operations
  • And if you’re thinking bigger picture, the Digital Greenhouse helps individuals and organizations address sector-wide digital challenges.

We’ll explore the Greenhouse in another video. If your focus is on your own operations, keep watching.

Slide 5: The Digital Generator (Stream 1): What you can do

The Digital Generator has 2 funding streams.

  • Stream 1 helps you identify ways to work digitally
  • Stream 2 helps you implement the Stream 1 recommendations.

For example, suppose you run a theatre company that is looking to attract new audiences and increase ticket sales online but you’re not quite sure how to get there. This grant can help you get started.

In Stream 1, you can get up to $40,000 to hire an expert to help you:

  • Spot digital needs, gaps and opportunities
  • Create a digital strategy or plan
  • Provide digital training to staff

Or other activities to understand how your organization can build its digital capacity. 

Slide 6: The Digital Generator (Stream 1): The fine print

To apply, you need to be an arts group, collective or organization with a validated Canada Council profile.

There is no deadline.

Keep in mind that this grant component is for expenses related to working with an external expert. It is not for:

  • Regular operating costs, including salaries of permanent staff
  • Creating, producing or programming artistic works

Slide 7: Guidelines and resources

If you’re still not sure whether your project is a good fit for this grant component, visit our website. You’ll find:

Slide 8: Contact us

If you still have questions, we want to hear from you!

Please email us at Send us a few lines about your project and questions. We’re here to help!

And keep an eye out for more videos with details about the other Strategic Innovation Fund grant components.