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Diversity and Arts Attendance by Canadians in 2010

March 5, 2014

The range of arts offerings in Canada – from art galleries, classical concerts, and theatre performances to pop concerts and cultural festivals – manages to attract most Canadians to at least one type of activity. Overall, 71% of Canadians attended at least one of the five key arts activities in 2010. This is one of the key findings of Diversity and Arts Attendance by Canadians in 2010, the 41st report in the Statistical Insights on the Arts series from Hill Strategies Research.

Based on data from the 2010 General Social Survey, this report examines diversity and arts attendance in Canada, including attendance by:

  • Visible minority Canadians.
  • First-generation immigrants.
  • Aboriginal people.
  • Canadians with disabilities.
  • Youth (15 to 24 years of age).
  • Seniors (65 and older).
  • Members of official language minority communities.

Six key statistics on arts attendance are analyzed:

  • Attendance at art galleries.
  • Attendance at theatre performances.
  • Attendance at popular music performances.
  • Attendance at classical music performances.
  • Attendance at cultural festivals.
  • Attendance at one or more of the above arts activities.