Martin Mangrum (left) and Jonathan Mak (right)

Expanding the Michael Measures Prize: A Focus on the Future

July 25, 2018
Martin Mangrum (left) and Jonathan Mak (right).
Photo of Jonathan Mak: Toby Winarto

How does the Canada Council focus on the future and fulfil its commitment to create more opportunities for the next generation of artists?

One way is with the Michael Measures Prizes.

The prizes recognize promising young Canadian classical music performers enrolled in the National Youth Orchestra’s summer training program.

And this year, the Michael Measures Prizes are expanding their reach to young artists.

Changes to the Prize for Greater Impact

Until this year, the Council awarded one Michael Measures prize a year. Starting in 2018, however, the Council will award two Michael Measures prizes a year: a first prize valued at $25,000, and a second prize valued at $15,000.

The Council has also increased the age range for potential recipients from artists aged 16 to 22 to those aged 16 to 24. Because brass and wind instrumentalists often require more time to demonstrate their full potential, this change will broaden the range of musicians receiving the prizes.

And the Winners are…

Martin Mangrum

This year’s Michael Measures first prize of $25,000 goes to Martin Mangrum, of Montréal, who plays the French horn.

Martin Mangrum holds his french horn
Martin Mangrum

Martin is a performance student at the Colburn School Conservatory of Music in Los Angeles, where he has had the opportunity to perform as a substitute with the Los Angeles Philharmonic. Martin has also performed with the Ottawa Symphony, and with several ensembles in Los Angeles. And he also appeared on From the Top while attending the Aspen Music Festival.

Jonathan Mak

This year’s Michael Measures second prize of $15,000 goes to Jonathan Mak, of Thornhill, Ontario, who plays the piano and viola.

Jonathan Mak in formal wear, stands by lakefront.
Jonathan Mak Photo: Toby Winarto

Jonathan is currently pursuing his Bachelor’s degree at the Cleveland Institute of Music. He has performed as a soloist with numerous orchestras around the world—notably with the Manchester Camerata, and the Krakow Philharmonic Orchestra.

Keep an eye out for these young instrumentalists as they master their art forms—and perform at venues across Canada, and around the world.

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