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Stats and Stories 2021-22
New Brunswick Funding Overview

Stats and Stories presents a breadth of information about the Canada Council’s funding: detailed breakdowns of funding, five-year trends, open data tables and stories about what artists, groups and arts organizations did with their grants.

New Brunswick at a glance

Grants in New Brunswick


Grants to arts organizations


Grants to groups


Grants to artists


Total Canada Council grants in Canada


Arts organizations supported


Groups supported


Artists supported


Other programs and activities


First-time grant recipients


Communities where grants were awarded


Artists and arts professionals who served as peer assessors


Canada Council grants making a difference

Artists, groups and organizations engage in a breadth of activities – both intimate and large-scale – funded by the Canada Council. Discover some of their stories.

Breakdown of funding in New Brunswick 

Funded by program or division

Program or division Amount
Explore and Create $2.5M
Engage and Sustain $1.4M
Creating, Knowing and Sharing: The Arts and Cultures of First Nations, Inuit and Métis Peoples $0.0
Supporting Artistic Practice $961.6K
Arts Across Canada $594.6K
Arts Abroad $5.0K
Prizes $56.0K
Strategic Funds - Strategic Innovation Fund $1.5M
Strategic Funds - Other $112.5K
Art Bank $0.0
Canadian Commission for UNESCO $0.0
Public Lending Right $268.2K

Funding by field of practice

Field of practice Amount
Circus Arts $31.0K
Dance $344.0K
Deaf and Disability Arts $0.0
Digital Arts $0.0
Indigenous Arts $0.0
Inter-Arts $0.0
Literature $1.4M
Media Arts $374.1K
Multidisciplinary Activities $110.0K
Music and Sound $1.1M
Theatre $1.7M
Visual Arts $2.0M
Other Discipline $0.0

5-year trend: grant amounts

Year Amount
2017-18 $2.6M
2018-19 $3.8M
2019-20 $4.4M
2020-21 $7.3M
2021-22 $7.1M

Highest funded organizations

Organization Link Amount
Théâtre populaire d’Acadie https://tpacadie.ca/ $462.5K
Theatre New Brunswick https://www.tnb.nb.ca/ $438.8K
Théâtre l’Escaouette https://escaouette.com/ $294.0K
Diasporas Music https://www.diasporasmusic.com/ $230.0K
Owens Art Gallery https://www.mta.ca/owens $216.0K
Goose Lane Editions https://gooselane.com/ $208.6K
Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada Inc. https://www.atlanticballet.ca/en/home/ $190.0K
Beaverbrook Art Gallery https://beaverbrookartgallery.org/ $185.9K
Struts Gallery https://www.strutsgallery.ca/ $185.3K
Les Éditions Perce-Neige https://editionsperceneige.ca/ $165.1K
Important note

Opening doors to Canadian arts data

We offer the public detailed statistical data regarding our grant recipients in formatted Excel documents and in a machine readable format (.csv). Data can be sorted by programs, regions (e.g. community and census metropolitan area) and can also be added to other databases on arts and culture activities and organizations in Canada. 

Data Tables
2021-22 Annual Report

Annual Report

Each year, the Canada Council for the Arts makes its Annual Report available to the public. This document reviews the Council’s commitments from its five-year strategic plan and highlights the year’s major projects while showcasing the work of funded artists and organizations. The Annual Report demonstrates the importance, necessity and impact of public arts funding.

Read the Annual Report

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