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Stats and Stories
Our grants making a difference

The Film and Video Arts Society of Alberta

Program and component
Digital Strategy Fund, Transformation of Organizational Models

Edmonton, Alberta

Field of practice
Media Arts

Grant amount
$495,000 over two years

Fiscal year

A Digital Platform Empowers Canada’s Artist-Run Centres to Thrive

A dozen people sit for a photo on a grassy incline.
Arts Management System team Photographer(s): Jamie McRae

The Film and Video Arts Society (FAVA) of Alberta is adding a statistical module to its arts management system to raise its effectiveness for Canadian art institutions.

Lifting up Canada’s smaller arts centres through open-source technology

The Film and Video Arts Society of Alberta (FAVA) is helping Canada’s smaller arts centres thrive and prosper through an arts management system (AMS). The tool digitizes and automates operations, helping organizations understand the needs of their members. FAVA is engineering a statistical module that will provide more agency to these organizations, streamline reporting and help them connect better with donors, members and the broader Canadian arts community.

Building greater accessibility into digital tools

FAVA’s AMS is being outfitted with multilingual capabilities to ensure all of Canada’s art institutions can access and use the open-source software. In collaboration with development partners, this solution for the Canadian arts community will soon help a broader range of organizations participate in the digital space through online archives, discoverability and exhibition.


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