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MacKenzie Art Gallery

Program and component
Digital Strategy Fund, Transformation of Organizational Models

Regina, Saskatchewan

Field of practice
Visual Arts

Grant amount
$477,800 over four years

Fiscal year

MacKenzie Art Gallery Creates Toolkit with Resources for Digital Art Exhibitions

Three people try out VR headsets in a room with other people.
Artists and visitors at the MacKenzie Art Gallery
Photo courtesy of the MacKenzie Art Gallery

Exhibiting digital art can be a complex and costly undertaking. MacKenzie Art Gallery is creating toolkits to simplify and expand access to resources for digital artists, curators and art spaces.

Levelling the digital playing field

Creating and displaying digital art can involve a wide range of software and processes. Often, the software platforms on which artists create their works are expensive and proprietary, posing challenges to the sharing and exhibiting of digital art. By creating open-source software toolkits that are compatible with common and inexpensive (or free) art programs, MacKenzie Art Gallery will clear the roadblocks that can exist between digital artists, galleries and their audiences.

One solution for a wide range of digital art

From 3D animation to interactive digital art to 360-degree video of real-world installations, the toolkits from MacKenzie Art Gallery will be compatible with a huge variety of digital art. And through free-to-use exhibition tools, digital artists can potentially save tens of thousands of dollars per exhibit in custom-built technical solutions. MacKenzie Art Gallery aims to make digital art accessible and sustainable to creators and audiences alike.


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