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Rebecca Caines

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Digital Strategy Fund, Public Access to the Arts and Citizen Engagement, Single-Phase Initiatives

Regina, Saskatchewan

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Opening Up Improvised Art to the Public

A woman recording audio with a microphone and headset next to an open window.
Rebecca Caines, audio recording in her studio, ISEA K11 artist residence, China, 2016. Photo: John Campbell

A two-year project aims to use digital tools to connect isolated, regional Canadian media artists with each other and the public.

Using digital approaches for creative and social innovation

Led by Rebecca Caines, a group of six artists from four provinces has teamed up to use digital approaches to engage citizens in the improvising arts. All are respected practitioners of improvised music, sound art, performance or interactive arts, and are engaged in citizen engagement or community collaboration projects. The initiative came together when the artists realized that by working together, they could amplify their reach and impact.

Expanding public engagement with improvising arts

Running until 2021, the project will feature a wide array of workshops, talks, demonstrations and events across Canada aimed at using digital innovation to connect artists with each other and audiences. Components include public workshops and events, an artist-run hackathon, and live streaming video of artist talks at galleries. Research shows that partnerships like this one can influence, benefit and help build communities.


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