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Dr. Patrick Finn poses holding a smile drawn on a piece of paper in front of his mouth.
Dr. Patrick Finn, primary consultant for the WGA's Digital Strategies project, presents a keynote address at the WGA's 2018 conference - Photo: Monique de St. Croix.
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The Writers’ Guild of Alberta

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Digital Strategy Fund, Digital Literacy and Intelligence

Edmonton, Alberta

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Development of a digital strategy for the Alberta literary milieu

A series of meetings and workshops was held in 2017 to identify digital opportunities and formulate a digital strategy for the Alberta literary milieu.

Discussions on digital issues and opportunities

The digital era has produced rich transformations of the literary world: it has opened up a new field of practice for Alberta writers, especially in the videogame industry or via new platforms for publishing and showcasing literature. To familiarize writers with this new reality, the Writers’ Guild of Alberta is connecting them with digital experts.

Moving towards a digital strategy for Alberta

This dialogue with various digital strategists will lead to implementation of a strategy and overall vision to guide and map the digital expressions of Alberta literature. In particular it will help highlight the specific character of Alberta literature within the vast landscape of the world’s digital literature, and facilitate the dissemination of digital literary works from Alberta.


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