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York Wilson Endowment Award

Photo of Maria Hupfield wearing her Golden Dollar (Sacagawea) coiffe

Maria Hupfield wearing her Golden Dollar (Sacagawea) coiffe

Photo: Grégoire Féron, courtesy of ISCP

Current Winner

The Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO), in Toronto, Ontario, received the 2021 York Wilson Endowment Award, which funded the acquisition of two pieces from artist Maria Hupfield: Golden Dollar (Sacagawea), 2018, and The Silver-Tongued Taste of Progress, 2018.

For the meaning and relevance of these works see the artist's statement below:

Maria Hupfield is a transdisciplinary artist who activates her creations in live performances. She is invested in the production of shared moments that open spaces for possibility and new understandings. In her work, these moments of connection are recalled and grounded by coded and re-coded, hand-sewn industrial felt creations and other material mash-ups worn on the body. An urban, off-reservation member of the Wasauksing First Nation community, in Ontario, she belongs to the Anishinaabek People. Hupfield is deeply invested in embodied practice, Native Feminisms, collaborative processes, craft and textiles. 

These two works by Maria Hupfield acquired by the AGO will contribute to the museum’s contemporary art collection.

Find out more about the acquisition on the AGO’s website.


What is this prize?

The York Wilson Endowment Award enables non-profit art museums and public art galleries to purchase original works by living, contemporary Canadian artists working in painting or sculpture.

Who created this prize?

This award is provided thanks to investment proceeds from the York Wilson Endowment. The endowment was established at the Canada Council for the Arts in 1997 by a generous donation from the late Lela Wilson and the late Maxwell Henderson to honour the contribution of Canadian painter York Wilson (1907-1984) to the field of visual art by encouraging and promoting artworks created by Canadian painters or sculptors.

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