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Digital Strategy Fund 

Special initiative for core grant recipients 

The Digital Strategy Fund Special Initiative for Core Grant Recipients is a one-time initiative to support current core grant recipients in evaluating their digital readiness and developing a digital strategic plan.

It’s time to make the digital shift. The digital environment offers a broad range of new opportunities to:

  • Reach new audiences and markets
  • Engage the public in new digital ways
  • Build new partnerships and networks to improve digital capacity
  • Collect and analyse data to better understand your impact
  • Improve specific areas of business with digital technology
  • Transform your business model for long-term sustainability.

This special initiative for core-funded organizations will enable you to:

  • Measure your digital readiness (digital maturity assessment)
  • Identify digital gaps and possibilities (digital needs assessment)
  • Create a plan for leveraging digital opportunities (digital strategic plan)

Toolkit - 4 practical tools to help guide the work you will undertake with your consultant

Activities - what you can apply for

Hire a Canadian or international consultant and/or expert to:

  • Conduct a digital maturity assessment – informing your current state
  • Complete a digital needs assessment – informing what you need next
  • Develop a digital strategic plan – the plan for how to get there

Note: At the time of application, you don’t need to identify specific external consultants or experts.

Who can apply

Eligible organizations must:

  • be a current recipient of a core grant that was awarded in 2017-18 from any of the following components:
    • Artist-Driven Organizations
    • Artistic Catalysts
    • Artistic Institutions
    • Indigenous Organizations
    • Support Organizations
    • National Arts Service Organizations
    • Literary Publishers
    • Arts Festivals and Presenters
  • not have been issued a Major Warning in their most recent core result.

Note: If your organization has already applied to the Digital Strategy Fund for other types of proposed activities and expenses, you are still eligible to apply to this special initiative. Overlapping expenses are not eligible.

Contact Information

For more information, contact:
1-800-263-5588 ext. 5574 or 613-239-2065

How to apply

For this special initiative, you must submit your application by email.

Your completed application form and budget must be sent as one attachment in one email to applyDSF@canadacouncil.ca.

Deadline and Grant Amount

4 February 2019
Notification of results
31 March 2019

Grant amount

Up to

$50 000