Art, now more than ever: our strategic plan for 2021–26 

April 15, 2021

A strategic plan puts into words our analysis of the current situation, our vision for the future of the sector, and the role we intend to play to contribute to that future. But a strategic plan is much more than that—it echoes what we heard in our conversations with you. 

Our 2021–26 Strategic Plan, Art, now more than ever, was written during a pandemic that has forever changed the lives of millions of people across the world and severely impacted the arts sector and its workers. Art, now more than ever is a rallying call to rebuild a stronger, more resilient, and more inclusive sector along with audiences and allies—a call we hope speaks to you, because this plan is also yours.

Our directions for 2021–26 

Our plan draws on the strengths of innovation, social impact, and the leadership of artists, cultural workers, groups, and arts organizations. Our first objective is to rebuild the sector and strengthen the conditions for artistic practice and the remuneration of those that work in the sector. Our overarching objective for the next five years: the emergence of a firmly supported, recognized, resilient, accessible, equitable, and inclusive sector.

The pandemic has highlighted the shortfalls and inequities of our systems, including injustices to Indigenous, Black, Asian, and other racialized communities. We must mobilize and take a critical look at our models to return imagination, creativity, collaboration, openness, and true social responsibility to the heart of our collective development.

An unprecedented rebuild

Of course, the announcement of our directions and commitments will raise important questions about our next investments and the ways we might realize this strategic vision for our activities. We understand the need to quickly revive our sector, which has been put on a challenging pause. The expectations are many, and the needs are glaring. Our current emergency measures seek to address this. The task at hand is great, and we must all remain flexible in the face of an unprecedented rebuild.

We are working on the implementation of our plan, paying close attention to the evolution of the situation. We will share our progress on this journey with you. Our plan is ambitious because it hopes to give the sector the momentum and support it needs to fully flourish and contribute to the development of society. Our implementation will reflect this. 

Now more than ever, we need the arts to envision an inspiring, just, inclusive, and equitable future.

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Art, now more than ever: Strategic Plan 2021-26

Discover our strategic vision for a stronger, more resilient, and more inclusive sector.

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