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Outcomes for Prizes and the Art Bank

November 7, 2023

The Canada Council and Goss Gilroy Inc. conducted a research project on the outcome and impacts of prizes and the Art Bank.

Research goal

This project aimed to understand the various outcomes and impacts on artists, writers, translators, illustrators and scientists, as well as on artists whose work was purchased by the Art Bank.


Goss Gilroy surveyed 293 prize recipients and held focus groups and interviews with 26 recipients and prize partners.

Goss Gilroy surveyed 94 artists with work in the Art Bank collection and held focus groups and interviews with 22 artists, Art Bank clients and partners.



Goss Gilroy concluded that:

  • Prizes have a positive impact on artists’ and arts professionals’ visibility and profile.
  • Prize-related activities connect artists and artists professionals with the Canadian and international public.
  • Prizes allow a diversity of artists’ and arts professionals’ careers to thrive by acknowledging or legitimizing their work, boosting their CV, providing publicity, or exposing them to new opportunities.
  • Prizes allow a diversity of audiences to engage with an extensive array of artistic experiences, particularly through cross-cultural collaboration and exchange and broadening audience reach.
  • Prizes increase recognition and visibility both nationally and internationally. The effects of being a prize recipient nationally can cross borders and be echoed internationally.

Art Bank

Goss Gilroy concluded that:

  • Artists are positively impacted after having their work purchased by the Art Bank.
  • The Art Bank supports their career development, enhances their visibility/profile, and enables access to networks and other opportunities.
  • The Art Bank enables artists to engage with a broader audience and community.
  • The Art Bank contributes to public engagement in the arts by facilitating access to a diverse collection.
  • The Art Bank is perceived to contribute to positive attitudes about the arts sector and to increase recognition and visibility of the arts both in Canada and internationally.


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