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Impact of the Explore and Create Program, 2021-22

April 29, 2022

The Canada Council for the Arts engaged Hill+Knowlton Strategies to undertake an analysis of the impact of the Council’s Explore and Create program from 2021-22.

Research goal

The report examines how recipients of the Explore and Create program utilized funds, the nature and inspiration behind the projects, the projects’ contribution to artistic development and practice, and project timing and method of dissemination.


Hill+Knowlton Strategies reviewed grant applications of 2,481 successful recipients of the Explore and Create program.


Hill+Knowlton Strategies concluded that:

  • The program has been a catalyst for production of new works inspired by a wide range of sources. Personal experiences and sharing the perspective of racialized or culturally diverse communities were the top two sources.
  • The program has contributed to the artistic development of grant recipients by allowing them to complete an unfinished work, develop a larger or more ambitious work, or develop their ability to digitize their work.
  • Artists expected that funding would contribute to the advancement of their artistic practice by allowing for artistic experimentation, expansion of their professional network, or engagement in artistic collaborations.
  • The majority of respondents (86%) expected to share their work in-person with the most common method being live performances, screenings and festivals.


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