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Arts and Heritage Access and Availability Survey 2020-2021

December 7, 2021

Canadian Heritage, in partnership with the Canada Council for the Arts, engaged Environics Research to conduct the Arts and Heritage Access and Availability Survey 2020-2021.

Research goal

The survey collects information on Canadians’ behaviours and attitudes related to arts, culture, and heritage.


The survey was primarily conducted online, involving 10,000 Canadians aged 16 and over. To ensure geographical representativity, Environics also conducted a telephone survey with 100 participants from the territories. Environics conducted detailed analysis to understand trends for distinct demographic groups.


The survey report concludes that: 

  • In-person engagement with arts and culture has been seriously affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, but online arts engagement has continued.
  • Perception of the overall importance of arts and culture to quality of life remained stable. Seven in ten Canadians consider arts and cultural events to be important to their quality of life.
  • Members of equity groups are generally attending arts and cultural events at least as much as - and in some cases more than those who do not belong to these groups. However, Indigenous, and racialized people were also more likely to feel that they do not belong in cultural facilities. 


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