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Theo Cuthand

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Explore and Create, Concept to Realization

Toronto, Ontario

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Media Arts

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Fiscal year

Carmilla the Lonely Is a Video Game About Rejection That Follows a Lesbian Vampire’s Search for Love

A drawing show a glass of red liquid against a dark background with a blood red moon and the words ‘Carmilla the Lonely.’
Still from Carmilla the Lonely, a video game created by Theo Cuthand, a Plains Cree and Scottish artist living in Toronto, Ontario.
Image courtesy of Theo Cuthand

As a video game focussed on a lesbian vampire’s quest for love, Theo Cuthand’s Carmilla the Lonely depicts the judgment and rejection suffered within a small community.

A 2D video game that explores queer issues

Filmmaker, performing artist and author Theo Cuthand, of Plains Cree and Scottish descent, is working on a video game that follows the adventures of Carmilla, a lesbian vampire in search of a lover. The script for Carmilla the Lonely explores issues specific to the queer community. It focusses on the judgments people make about others before getting to know them. Carmilla must learn to integrate into her small community without arousing suspicion, as doing so could jeopardize her quest.

Queer youth as a target audience

As he develops a zine punk aesthetic, Cuthand hopes that this game—his second—will reach young people in the queer community, encouraging them to develop deeper social interactions that go beyond initial judgment.


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